ThinkSafe Seminars
Prepare. Be Aware. Know Your Options.
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With a focus on preventive strategies, and first-response tactics, Dawn's goal is to help you move safely through your day with more awareness and less fear.

Every person can easily use these tips, and Dawn’s real-life stories just drive home how simple things can make a big difference.
— Caroline M., Tucson, AZ

Broaden your personal safety awareness and maximize your options for everyday preventive self-defense.

Seminars utilize real-world stories, drills, scenarios, and technique practice.

Preventive Self-Defense (2 Hours)

What if you could increase your awareness, reduce your fear, live safer and feel more empowered? Preventive Self-Defense discusses personal and situational awareness as well as basic physical self-defense options. You will explore a variety of effective strategies based on recognizing and preventing violence and crime before it happens. These strategies include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Identifying risky people and situations early and often

  • Preparing responses for potential dangers (rather than reacting when it’s too late)

  • Every day Habits of Awareness and safety

  • Methods for discouraging an attack

Because life doesn’t always go as planned, the seminar also addresses how to defend yourself physically when needed. The strategies covered in this basic class include:

  • Using the natural weapons you already have at all times

  • Targeting the best parts of the body to disable and discourage an attacker

  • Putting the two together in real-life scenarios with opportunity for hands-on practice in a controlled, safe atmosphere

You will leave this seminar with the knowledge you need to navigate risky situations, and the skills you need to escape if things go wrong.

Preventive SELF-DEFENSE FOR STUDENTS (2 hours)

Sadly, 73% of campus crimes are theft related (burglary, robbery and car theft), while 21% are sex offenses and aggravated assault. This seminar looks realistically at the dangers of being a student in the modern world, and what a young person can do to keep themselves and their possessions safer. Specific topics include:

  • Every day Habits of Awareness

  • Identifying risky people & places on and around campus

  • Methods for discouraging attackers

  • Dealing with unwanted verbal or physical sexual advances

  • Attending parties, demonstrations and other gatherings as safely as possible

  • Creating emergency plans in advance rather than reacting under stress

  • Self-defense weapons of the body for escaping an attack

  • How to best get help in an emergency

  • Who to contact on or off campus after a situation occurs

Students will leave the seminar ready to navigate college life and urban areas aware of danger, empowered to take responsibility for their own safety, and ready to defend themselves if the need arises. 


Seminars for businesses, non-profits & the public

Host a Private Seminar

  • Seminar content and scenarios are tailored to your organization's needs

  • Provides valuable training for your employees/group members

  • Improves customer interactions through de-escalation of tense encounters

  • Reduces incident frequency and costs (time off, medical, disability, etc.)

Each private seminar is tailored for your organization and includes a preliminary meeting to discuss specific areas of concern, kinds of scenarios your employees might find themselves in, and what your HR policies are regarding safety and reporting incidents. All of this is then incorporated into the 2 hour seminar.  

Sponsor a Public Seminar

  • Provide a valuable gift to your existing clients

  • Engage new audiences and potential clients

  • Show that your organization is listening to community concerns & is doing something to help

Our training method draws from real-world situations where theory met reality, and applies that knowledge with audience interaction and simple application. Attendees will leave the training more empowered, more aware, and safer than they were when they woke up that morning. And they'll thank you for it!

Host a Non-Profit Fundraiser

  • Raise money for your cause with a unique event

  • Engage new audiences and potential donors

  • Provide a valuable opportunity for self-improvement

  • Show that your organization is listening to community concerns & is doing something to help

  • This is an easy-to-run event, requiring only minimal set up & clean up

Lunch & Learn Talks

  • Business Travel - Staying Safe in Unfamiliar Places

  • Holiday Shopping - How to ACE Your Next Trip to the Mall