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Our Story

Self-defense training in most contexts focuses on what to do after the attack begins. Though the techniques are often effective, they’re not nearly as effective as avoiding the dangerous situation to begin with. That’s why Dawn Armstrong created ThinkSafe Seminars. Her seminars help adults and students understand first how to see an attack coming, then how to avoid the attack, and finally, how to defend themselves if they can’t avoid the violence.

In recent years our world seems to be getting scarier as media outlets show crime, terrorism and violence in living color every day. It leaves even the safest of us asking some hard questions:

  • How can we avoid becoming a victim of crime and violence?

  • What signs can we look for to see crime coming?

  • Do I know enough basic self-defense to survive being attacked?

  • Who would help me in an emergency situation?

Dawn developed the ThinkSafe curriculum by interviewing world-class experts in the field. Her teachers included leaders in police & fire departments, the US military, US Border Patrol, and work place safety professionals. Their knowledge and experience blended with Dawn’s training and life skills to create the knowledge base she shares with clients today.

By teaching how to look for, identify, and avoid threats, Dawn’s goal is to help you spend your day with more awareness and less fear. 


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Dawn's Story

Dawn Armstrong

Dawn Armstrong

Dawn Armstrong

Something needed to change. In late 2016, after reading about a spate of vicious attacks, Dawn Armstrong realized that a lack of situational awareness was contributing to people getting hurt and even killed. Combining her expertise in martial arts, marketing, and creativity, Dawn founded ThinkSafe Seminars.

Having experienced sexual assault early in life, Dawn focuses on preventing violence by equipping people of all ages and genders with specific situational awareness skills and other preventive strategies.

A 3rd Degree Black Belt, Dawn began her martial arts journey while studying at Syracuse University. Her career helping businesses and nonprofits grow via marketing and business development taught her to relate to a wide variety of people.

Soon after creating ThinkSafe Seminars, the #MeToo movement went viral and Dawn knew her message and training were more important than ever.



Education & Certifications

Syracuse University BFA

American Institute of Kenpo
3rd Degree Black Belt

AZ DPS Level One Fingerprint Clearance

Vistelar LLC Conflict Management

Arizona Coalition to End Sexual & Domestic Violence (ACESDV) Advocate Training

Oro Valley PD R.A.D. Program

American Red Cross CPR & First Aid


Affiliations & Activities

  • American Institute of Kenpo Student & Instructor

  • Toastmasters International (NCAT), CC, CL

  • University of Arizona Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) Study Group Leader

  • Syracuse University Alumni Representative