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Prepare. Be Aware. Know Your Options.
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Personal Safety

Prepare. Be Aware. Know Your Options.

The difference between being a victim and a survivor
is often a low level of situational awareness.
— Barry Eisler, writer and former member of the CIA

Prepare. Be aware. Know your options. Personal safety is your personal responsibility. Our seminars provide training in risk awareness and preventive self-defense strategies for adults & teens who want to learn more about keeping themselves, their loved ones and friends safer. 

Each ThinkSafe Seminar provides you with proven strategies for getting home safely in today’s riskier world. Our graduates know the top two skills of effective self-defense:

  1. How to recognize and avoid bad situations before they start

  2. How to escape danger when it happens

Our seminars broaden your knowledge of situational awareness and personal safety, teach you how to plan your response to everyday confrontation, and train you on prevention-based habits used by police, military, and intelligence operatives worldwide.

Awareness and response are always the first line of defense, but not everything goes according to your best plan. Seminar attendees also receive training in simple, effective, easy-to-remember physical defense techniques designed to stun an attacker so you and your loved ones can escape.      

Our training method draws from real-world situations where theory met reality, and applies that knowledge with audience interaction and simple application. You will leave the training more empowered, more aware, and safer than you were when you woke up that morning.  


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You never think it could happen to you, until it does, then your whole perspective changes! Just wish everyone wouldn’t wait till it does happen to start being careful.
— Makenna S, Carjacking Survivor, Tucson, AZ

ThinkSafe Seminars

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Trust Your Instincts - how to look, listen & act to increase personal safety

Swiss Army Knife of Self Defense - you & your natural weapons

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - what’s that got to do with safety?

PDPD (Put the Damn Phone Down) - how to change a bad habit & increase personal safety

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