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What IS Preventive Self Defense?

Have you ever crossed the street because you saw something happening up ahead that you wanted to avoid? Have you ever just walked away from an overly aggressive person? Do you trust your instincts? These are all examples of preventive self-defense. Any time that you can identify a bad situation and do something to keep it from turning into physical violence, you are using preventive self-defense.

Self-defense training in most contexts focuses on the physical response of what to do after an attack begins. Most people think of it as punching, kicking, or using weapons. Though the techniques can be effective, they’re not nearly as effective as avoiding the dangerous situation to begin with. That’s why Dawn Armstrong created ThinkSafe Seminars. Her seminars help adults understand first how to see an attack coming, then how to avoid the attack, and finally how to defend themselves if they can’t avoid the violence.

Isn’t that what we would all like to be able to do – avoid violence? Using Dawn’s Habits of Awareness® you can train yourself to identify, avoid and escape bad situations by making small adjustments to habits you probably already have. That is how Preventive Self-Defense training can help you be safer every place you go.

Dawn developed the ThinkSAFE curriculum by interviewing world-class experts in the field, including leaders in police and fire departments, the US military, US Border Patrol, and work place safety professionals. Their knowledge and experience blended with Dawn’s martial arts and life-skills training to create the knowledge base she shares with clients today.

By teaching people how to look for, identify, and avoid threats, Dawn’s goal is to help you spend your day with a lot more awareness and less fear!  

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